Expiration date – The making of a killer

Hello, I was listening to the news the other day , February 5, 2018 , NPR 88,7 out of Houston to this program they play called Texas Standard. And they were discussing the execution drugs and how TDCJ had issued a new expiration date, I didn’t catch the female journalist name, but she was a guest and was also a writer for the Texas tribune. She was telling how TDJC had managed to get a new expiration date issued for the execution drugs . And I thought .…..isn’t that illegal? I mean not too long ago, I was to listening to NPR – – – Love that station – – – and they had some real doctor on there who was talking about the expiration dates on all drugs, and he said , that once a drug reaches it’s expiration date, it loose half it’s effective strength . So that is what a real live living breathing Doctor who went through years of medical school and studies this type of thing said. I am going to say, I believe him .

I was then listening to the prison show on KPFT 90.1 out of Houston, another outstanding public radio station and heard Danielle Allen speak of this same topic about the expiration of the drugs TDJC is using . She was telling the listeners how this guy attorney put up one hell of a fight to the courts to try and block the execution which I have no doubt he did, to the very best of his ability. But as I have said time and time again, these courts don’t care about us, the Death row inmate, who is going to be murdered because whom are we to them? Nobody. Hell, one judge in another state said when making a ruling years ago about the very drugs they use to kill and do surgeries on these animals, which was causing the pets pain, and this very same drug is being used to kill humans «well they aren’t live stock« . Stating that they hold live stock to be more valuable than human life .

I was then in the day room a few days ago talking to a guy who has a date, Thomas Whitter ( I’m sure I miss spelt his name) about the law suit he filed regarding the drugs. And he was telling me that all these privately owned compounding pharmacies are not regulated by the FDA (Food and Drug) administration. And I found that to be about the most oddest thing I have heard in years. How can they not be regulated by the FDA? They are making drugs that are used in many cases to save peoples lives. So I don’t know if that is actually true or not, but I will take him at his word, that he knows what he is talking about. But okay, let’s say they are not regulated by the FDA, but aren’t the drugs they buy to make these drugs regulated by the FDA? What I mean is, shouldn’t they be looking at the drugs which are used to make the drug they are using to execute us with have a expiration date, that IS regulated by the FDA? There has to be some regulating somewhere to where the FDA overseas these drugs that are being made …… right ? So I would think it may be a good idea to attack the expiration date of those drugs which are being used to make the execution drug. I mean, somewhere along the line the FDA has to be involved somewhere ……The import of these drugs used to make the drug used has to go through the hands of the FDA. I refuse to believe it doesn’t get some type of stamp of approval from the FDA.

 Yet for the courts to just allow TDJC to have the drugs re-tested by someone TDJC goes through …. Who is to say it isn’t the very pharmacy they bought the drugs from in the first place? And why not allow the defendants to have them tested? Or at the the very least have them tested by a pharmacy that is neutral and has nothing whatsoever to do with the making of the drugs or hell, even in TX. Because I keep hearing that doctors words who I heard on NPR one day, drugs will lose half their strength at the date of expiration. That the expiration date is set in such a way that is not like a loaf of bread a «sell by date«  but rather that date is a date set to where the drug has been tested and retested and tested again and again and that is the date issued to where the drug has barely any effect at all. To where, from what I gathered, readers the drugs worthless, useless, ineffective.

I don’t know, I would suggest someone contacting these attorneys and if they have not thought of it ….. which I am sure they may have. They are smart people, but in the event they have not, why not attack it from it point of entry  into the USA where surely the FDA has to be involved. And then Attack it from the expiration date the FDA issued on those drugs that are being used to make this killer drug. Because, granted I am not a doctor or an expert and I ain’t trying to act like one, but I would think that when this pharmacy issued that expIration date for this kill drug …… they took into account ALL the other expiration dates on all the other drugs used to make the killer. Right? And if so …… maybe that is where the FDA is involved.

Somewhere somehow the FDA is involved and they issue dates of expiration on everything. I highly doubt that this pharmacy …. Compound pharmacy is using things to make this killer without following their own expiration dates on the drugs they are compounding to make the killer …..Right ?

I don’t know. But man,  I am surprised at how callused the courts are to this issue. You would think they would question the part of things. I mean, if you are to murder us. They say they want to do it « humanely« but what is human about allow  the prison , the state of TX , or any state to used expired drugs that aren’t even at half their strength to kill people and some people who may actually be innocent? There are laws regarding expiration dates is all I know.