Crucial Themes

These are the most important, the most crucial themes of my criminal case.

The only lead of me to the murder of Mrs. Franklin is my false confession which I made to protect my girlfriend and her new born son.  This false statement is full of things that are just flat out impossible, I was just making anything up, anything I thought he wanted to hear.

A video or at the very least an audio recording of the interrogation would have shown how he conducted himself. I wasn’t even taken into the interrogation room. Instead we were in his private office, and then to two other offices because we kept getting ‘interrupted’.

I have been here for 24 years for something I didn’t do. Thanks to DNA they know I didn’t do. The thing about DNA is that it cannot lie. You cannot fake DNA. One thing I know, my blood type is O, and nothing from me was found there. Yet there was a different blood type found and it damn sure isn’t mine, or is it Mrs. Franklin’s grandsons Lee and Eric. If not ours then whose? Also I had none of her DNA on me. No defensive wounds. How could I in a drunken sty pot of a violent assault, have zero wounds or dank on myself or DNA on her? So that is it in a nutshell.

Murderperiod 1992

Interrogation Tactics

False Confession

DNA ‘Exoneration’