Third analytical Report with Comment


It too says I am 100% excluded. Yet, after all times the expert have repeatedly said I am excluded as a donor of any DNA or that my DNA is not on any of the many items tested. The court just flat out refuse to even hear these people. But here is something about the carpet that was tested by DPS. Recall how one the theories the District Attorney made, that the home was filthy and she may had collected this blood DNA form the carpet?

Things about this statement and the DPS lab report.
1. If the home was filthy as she thinks it was…why was no DNA…no male DNA detected on the carpet?
2. Same thing no male DNA detected but somehow Mrs. Hardaway has convinced the Trial Court and the TCCA that Mrs. Franklyn’s hands fell on the only 2 different areas and extracted every DNA, male DNA particle on the carpet. That is to say at least pretty amazing!
3. Why wasn’t Eric’s and Lee’s DNA detected? They lived in that home for years. One could think at the very least, that their DNA would had shown up. It didn’t because they weren’t as filthy as she is making it sound. Eric testified he recently cleaned that very room, Eric’s personal bedroom…. filthy. Lee wasn’t like that, Lee was a very neat and tidy guy. But it just amazes me that the DA made the argument that Mrs. Franklyn’s hand which both had blood under the nails, just magically fell on the two different areas and picked up this unknown male DNA.