Legal files

Here are gathered all legal files, except the actual ones. Underneath the index is the affidavit of Merry Wilkin, my fiance before my arrest. According to several an a quick road to understand my false confession. way

Police Report with Comments

Trial with Comments

              Transcript 18 May 1994 with Comments

Direct Appeal with Comments

DNA / Chapter 64 II of II

              General Comments on State Opinions

              June 2004 Motion DNA testing

              June 2005 Opinion AP 74.930 (Overrule denial DNA testing) with Comments

            June 2005 Opinion AP 74.930 (Overrule denial DNA testing) with Comments

              Jan 2012 Court Amended Findings

              Jan 2013 Motion to Reconsider

              July 2013 States brief on Appeal

              Sept 2013 Appellants Reply

              2015 Opinion AP 76.970 (DNA results non favorable) with Comments

Affidavits and Reports

              Affidavit Sarah Frazier

              Affidavit Johnson – Forensic

              Affidavit Charles Raby – DNA

              Affidavit Bruce Frumkin – Psych Exp

              Affidavit James Jordan with Comments

              Affidavit Tyme Dunbando with Comment

              Affidavit Donna Lynn Perras with Comments

              Affidavit Paul Taylor with Comments

              Affidavit Merry Wilkin

              Affidavit Felix Cantu

              Affidavit Joseph Chu

              Affidavit Eric Benge

            Affidavit Timothy Fevrier with Comments

              Analytical Report

              Prelimary Report

              Second Analytical Report with Comment

              Third Analytical Report with Comment