This website is owned and made by friends of Charles D. Raby to save his life. Most writings were letters to his attorney, some were addressed to friends, some are changed to fit into these pages.

“My name is Charles Douglas Raby. I was sentenced to death for the murder of a friends grandmother, Mrs. Edna M. Franklin, a murder that I falsely confessed to. In the object of this website it is to generate support and media attention in hopes to help win a new trial and get more DNA testing done. And some much needed investigation done as well.

I was arrested on October 19, 1992 and sent to Death Row in June of 1994. I have been here a long time fighting to prove my innocence. And now that the DNA results are in, you would think that would be enough….but it isn’t.

Whether you are a supporter of capital punishment or against it, I ask you to read everything with an open mind. I am doing my best to present you nothing but facts. I have done my best to write about events in historic order. It is a lot. And a lot of it isn’t pretty. I have become as open as I can.

I am at my wits end! There are days I just want to give up, and tell them to set me an execution day, and come and kill me.

Everything beside my legal files you will read, are in my words, and my words only! I have asked the wonderful people who are retyping all this for me to correct my spelling. But these words are my words.

Under the content of this Introduction page you will find the affidavit of Merry Alice Wilkin, the reason I falsely confessed, she was my fiancée.  Several people told me that after reading this affidavit they understood why I falsely confessed.”

Introduction to Charles

Introduction to the legal case