Affidavit Donna Lynn Perras with Comments


I don’t know this woman at all, never met her in my life, I couldn’t even tell you what she looks like. But you can see two things from her affidavit.

1. Not even she got to meet Mrs. Franklyn, and that is because nobody went into her back bedroom. And this was Eric’s girlfriend. If she never went back there, doesn’t it stand to reason no one else did either?

2. You can see where she said that Eric had already called Jeff Hattenback and then her before he called the police. This is important to note, because it shows he was in the house a while before Lee Rose, his cousin, showed up. But from the way Eric tells it, the moment he found her and tried to do CPR and stood up, that is the instant Lee walked in. And then in his affidavit to the police, he said he called Donna after they called the cops, this is clearly a lie. He even admitted in the article Mike Giglio did on me, that ‘like a dumbass, he called Donna first’…I would like to know if he actually called Jeff Hattenback also. But also important to note Lee makes no mention of Eric calling Jeff or Donna first. Why not? Because Lee was not there when Eric called them.

3. He told her he thinks he knows who it was, someone who he owed money to, …well Eric has never owed me any money, nor I him. I wish he were alive today so he could tell us who this person is and why he would call Jeff and Donna before he calls the police.