Affidavit James Jordan with Comments


  1. First I never hit James mother, she attacked me, I did yank the phone cord out of the wall and that is when she got on my ass, I did push her off of me. But I never hit her with my fist or slap her. Alicia was not someone who would except that. And furthermore, she never made any mention in the police report about me ‘hitting her’ just that I broke into her home I was never charged with assault of Alicia, because it never happened, I was charged with burglary.


2. James is right, I never stole anything from him or his mother, I don’t steal from my friend. But he is wrong about if we were friends I would just walk in your home and make myself food or shower. I only did that with James and my friend Paul Taylor. I did not go into any of my other friend’s house uninvited. They would not had liked that.


3. This is an incident my ex testified about, which she flat out lied about (see Tyme Marines affidavit, Tyme has no reason to lie. Nor does James.)


4. Now here is one where James is mistake, first I did hit Elliot with a board, but it was a wooden fence board. I think I can’t recall right now, but he was coming at me on his bike, and I jammed it in his face. So yeah, I did do that. But only once. But no I don’t typically fight with weapons. Not unless I just have to, or someone pulls one first.


  1. I used to fight wild, and I fought to win. I don’t like getting beat up. When I said I didn’t remember, it wasn’t that I didn’t remember the fight, I just didn’t remember the things I would do while fighting. I can’t explain it, but I didn’t think about my actions, I just acted in such a way that it isn’t something I thought about. But yes there were time when I was drinking when someone would mess with us, or me, that I would get crazy on them, but it wasn’t ‘a ‘black out’ I just didn’t recall my every move, like when James told me ‘you did this or you did that’. Well it happens so fast that I couldn’t tell you what I did, all I know is that I won and in the end, that was all that mattered. My black outs were a bit different, and I have blacked out a few times. But the fights James and other talk of, I recall them, I just don’t recall the things I did during the fight. Other than throwing punches like a wild man.

But there were times that I did black out not knowing how I got somewhere, or how I cut my hand, or twisted my ankle, or other things like that. And they always happened when I drank whiskey and take a downer. Or mix beers whiskey and pills. Then yes, I don’t recall how I got somewhere or things like that. But my fights? I recall every fight I have ever been in, I may not recall how I won. Or the things I did during the fight. So I think James and others misunderstood what I meant when I said: ‘I don’t remeber doing the things they said I did while in the fight.’ I don’t know if that makes sense, I don’t know any other way to explain it.