Introduction to Charles

Introduction to the reader

Purpose of this website

My name is Charles Douglas Raby. I got the death sentence for the murder of a friends grandmother, Mrs. Edna M. Franklin, a murder that I falsely confessed to. The object of this website Save Charles D. Raby is to generate support and media attention in hopes to help win a new trial and get more DNA testing done. And some much needed investigation done as well.

After I was arrested I did confess to the murder of Mrs. Franklin, due to the investigation detective Sgt. Waymon Allen, letting me know he (could) lock my fiancé, and have the baby placed in child care, who were at the police station with me. Who, I was told, were being taken home at her request. I was arrested on October 19, 1992 and sent to Death Row in June of 1994. I have been here a long time fighting to prove my innocence. And now that the DNA results are in, you would think that would be enough….but is isn’t. You will read all about these things. As you read, some of the things you will read are not nice or pretty. Some things I would rather be left dead and buried. Things I haven’t thought of in years I have written about.


To tell you, I am not the best of writers. At the time I entered Deathrow I was more or less illitarate. I have done the best I can to try to explain things. I hope I have done a good job. I have been as honest as I can be, relying on my memory that isn’t the best after more than 27 years. My memories aren’t the same as other. I could have written everything to fit with everyone else’s memories, but that would be lies, and I do not want to go with other peoples memories of the events. So, their memories aren’t the same as mine. Some of the things you will read aren’t pretty. The murder of Mrs. Franklin is bad. I have done my best to be as respectful as I can, but there are facts that I speak of that, well, they are just facts.

In Houston TX I was born to Betty Jean Perteet and Charles Elvis Raby on March 22, 1970. I was raised by my mother for the most part, not knowing my dad until I was 17,5 years old. He left when I was two years of age. Then there is my past life. The way I was as a young wild teenager, with no structure at all, and who did nothing but drink. Who started drinking at the very early age of 11 years old. I have done many things in my past which I am not proud of and feel shame over. I wasn’t perfect. I’m still not perfect, but I am not that young and dumb wild teenager anymore. I have grown and I have grown for the better. But I am still full of faults. I have flaws. I have scars, I have memories I wish to forget.. I have not had an easy life, some of which you will read. I just ask that you keep an open mind, and not see me as that young fool I was many years ago. I hurt people. I hurt  people I loved, that loved me. I am not the same person I was then.

Being on Death Row it has caused me to really take a look at my past actions, and what I see, I don’t like. I wasn’t perfect, far from it. I have met a lot of good hearted guys who have made mistakes and now have to pay for that mistake with their lives. I have met a lot of good people who have written me over the years, they have kept me sane in this insane place. To them I say, Yakoke! Thank you!


As I like to read, I will read just about anything I can get my hands on. As a child, I hated school, hated it with a passion. I have a learning disability. But these days I like to read anything that will teach me something, outer space, prehistoric times, (native American) history, law and anything about the human body. I didn’t get ever far in school so I am pretty self taught as you will read. I like to draw … although I rarely do it these days. But I love looking at art. Frank Franzette is by far my all time favorite artist.

Criminal legal system

My stay here has shown me a few things about the ‘justice system’. And what I have learned is, money talks. There are no rich people here on TX Death Row. At least, I don’t know any. I have seen how many of the cases here, more so with that ‘Law of Parties’ law we have here in TX, that in many cases the prosecution will make deals with the actual killers and give them life or LESS, in some cases the actual killer is now out on Parole, while the man who didn’t kill anyone sits here waiting to die, or has since been executed. I see the ‘fairness’ in that making a deal with the Devil to kill  / murder someone who didn’t kill anyone, and in many cases didn’t even know what was going on until after. Yeah, that “fair justice”. I have learned that these courts are Prosecution friendly and will ignore facts and accept the prosecution theory, no matter how off the wall it is (as you will read in my case). Many of the guys here had next to nothing in the way of competent representation, and were used and nothing more than political stepping stones for the Prosecution.

I have seen guys put to death that were nothing but children when they committed their crimes, and grow into good decent men who made a mistake as a teenager and it cost them their lives. Guys who would never make that type of mistake ever again or cause a threat to general population. I also have seen cases that are mirror images of cases here on Death Row receive life or less, while others get Death. I have seen the state sentence guys to death and spend millions of dollars fighting to have them killed, saying they were not worthy to live or they are rehabilitable. Yet, years later, these very same guys will win a new Punishment hearing / trial, and the very people who said they were monsters and deserve nothing short of Death, make a deal with them and after years and years of fighting to kill them, and all that money they wasted … decided to give them life. Which is good, which is what they should had received from the start.


Whether you are a supporter of capital punishment or against it, I ask you to read everything with an open mind. I am doing my best to present you nothing but facts. I have done my best to write about events in historic order. It is a lot. And a lot of it isn’t pretty. I have added things about my family history that was damn hard to write about. I have touched on lightly about some events in my childhood. I have become as open as I can.

By this website I am asking for help from the public and the media to save my life. I am at my wits end! There are days I just want to give up, and tell them to set me an execution day, and come and kill me. And yet, I keep on fighting. I really don’t know how much more I have left in me.

Everything you will read beside my legal files are in my words, and my words only! I have asked the wonderful people who are retyping all this for me to correct my spelling. But these words are my words.

Thank all of you who have stuck by me who believe in me, who help me in every way you can. Those are the ones that give me the will to keep going. And it ain’t easy. So thank you. I love each of you, you are those that I know who really love and care for me. Many who started out as total strangers, who entered my life. Yakoke!!

With that, I will end, and let you read everything. Thank you for taking the time to read my story!

Sinceraly,  Charles D. Raby.