Art by Charles

Creating art by drawing and painting helped Charles Raby to survive his devastating 24 years of being innocent imprisoned on Texas Death row for a very great deal.  He gives most art to his friends. We collected a big part of pictures of his drawings and paintings to show what a great artist he is. The art made by Charles is becoming better throughout the years and is still growing. Imagine…without teaching, using the less materials he is able to get / buy…..The paint is just kiddy paint in boxes mingled with water and the big brushes are made of his own hair. Lots of efforts are about to get colors right. Especially the ‘skin colors’ took him a lot of time to get them just right.

Charles started to draw with regular pencil, later using also color pencils and since 2016 he started painting. One of the first paintings on big board was the beautiful angel (2016). When he gave it to the visiting friend he said: “It is no good but I will master painting!”. Well, judge yourself. 

If any old or new friend has any art not showed on this website, please make a photo and email it to It will be added. Please send if possible also a photo of sketches if you have them, we will try to add them to the website as well. Thank you!

Cards painted

Paintings since 2018

Art 2016 and 2017

First color drawings and paintings

Early drawings