Affidavit Paul Taylor with Comments


Paul, I really like Paul, I liked his whole family, they used to look out for me, hell I even lived with him and his sister and her baby at her apartment for while. She was cool and someone you didn’t want to rub wrong.

1.Paul is mistake about my mom, I think he has mom confused with my grandmother. I could go to my mom any time, I am not even sure Paul ever met my mom. If he did, I just don’t recall it.

1. It wasn’t my mom who didn’t want me in the house, it was my grandmother, And that was only because of my uncle, anytime he and I got to drinking together, it never ended well. And yes my grandmother did tell the cops where I was and I was arrested. I just think Paul is mistaking my grandma for my mom. But I can see how he would.

2. Paul is right about that, I am not into gangs. And I personally whooped every one of those Sissy Hurta Brothers. Part of the reason I got shot. They jumped me wanting to get even for what I did to Donna Baker for him trying to mess with Kari. A 28 year old man trying to ‘playfully’ pull her towel off and push himself against her, a 14.5 year old girl.

4. Paul is mistaken here as well, but I can see how, when Kari was pregnant I just found my dad, who lived in new Ulm TX. So she and I went and lived with him and his wife and my three half siblings. And I did tell Paul about it, that I was doing farm work, and some carpentry with my dad. I am sure I told him it was my dad…but he isn’t far off, he was my mom’s boyfriend at one point in time.

5. Yes I recall this night, and walking into the bar, and knew something was wrong with Ruthann the moment I saw her. And there is this big ass guy walking toward me when I heard her tell Paul ‘that guy tried to rape her. ‘ I do recall going after him, but not much’ else. Ruthann told me I also used a pool stick on him, beat him all on his legs, really messed him up. She said that his father and brothers were looking for us the next day because I hurt him…. good guess what, fuck him then and fuck him now. He shouldn’t had tried to hurt Ruthann. I liked the hell out of that woman, she was cool and treated me good. She was a single mom working any job she could get and this jackass wants to try and rape her? And if Paul and I wouldn’t had come in at the very moment, he may had. But I think once he would had cornered Ruthann, she would had come unglued on him, but yeah, to hell with him. I think Paul or Ruthann told me that Paul pulled me off right as I was fixing to start rapping him on the head with that pool stick. I think that night, I went into a blind rage when I saw someone I cared about scared and crying, with her shirt ripped, tears in her eyes.

I do recall Paul and I walking out as soon as the cop car showed up. And us walking down the street and him telling me some BS about I shouldn’t had done that. I forget really, but yeah, I really liked Paul and Ruthann. I hope they are both doing well.