48th Birthday and prison as a ‘fountain of youth’

I turned 48 years old the other day, March 22. I don’t feel it….but I guess this is the way a 48 year old is supposed to feel…Well no, because I look at some of these guards who are far younger than me, and they look….old and  life out there up. But I think that is all from the stress of everyday life out there. Bills, kids, gas, working with idiots you can’t stand….ect. ect. Than having to deal with the guys in here. But I have heard it said, people in prison don’t age like those in the real world. Everyone tells me I look 10 – 15 years younger than what I am. I work out all the time so I am pretty fit. So yeah….prison, the fountain of youth, and all you have to do is commit a crime and you will find it… simple enough right?

But really, I want to say: “Thank you to all of you who sent me a birthday wish and card, thank you! I even had my friend Marlies sing me Happy Birthday in a Jpay… all in the same high pitched note… so thank you for that Marlies, I didn’t know you could sing. She brought up something I said before, that these holidays and birthdays are just days to me now… Well, I have gotten more well wishes than I ever have in my life this birthday… and yeah, it felt good. So again, thank you all. Yakoke!

I also had two friends here, Justen Hall and David Lynn Carpenter, make me some tacos….I don’t like eating any others cook, I am a clean freak, but I have moved in a cell behind Justen and I can tell you, he is as obsessed as I am about cleaning. And I have heard guards say how clean Country is … That’s David, we call him Big Country. So they made taco’s for me and man, I was stuffed! Then my friend Brian Davis came to the dayroom, found out it was my B-day and the jackass sang happy B-day to me…. I would had punch him in the gut if I could had…. Couldn’t singing worth a damn… So I walked away from the door and put my headphones on until I saw he stopped…. God, awful voice. So, all these crooks, well, three of them anyway, really looked out for me that day. These are three, out of a very few group I really like. So, even though I think they tried to poison me because I was so stuffed I felt sick…. And BD tried to make me deaf… it did feel good to know they thought of me. I have a plan for BD though… I ain’t going to sing to him but I may find out everything he likes on commissary… and looking at that gut on him, I think he likes everything. So, I will buy it, eat it, and just send him the empty wrappers…. Yeah, that is better than a song any day!

So, again, thank all of you, all my friends out there who thought of me and actually wrote…. And the nutty ones in here… thank you. Chim Yakoke.

Sincerely, C.