Stacked Time

There’s a dude in the dayroom, they call him PA.  This fool did 20 years flat…didn’t even try and make parole.  He could have gotten out in like 3 years, but he chose to do the whole 20.  Guess he was having too much fun, and I’m sure some of it was due to him raping guys in prison.  He only did this when they “disrespected” him. He would catch them asleep, go in the cell, jam a shank in their neck and tell them, ‘booty or life’.  Hell I’d just haul off and punch a mother fucker in the mouth for disrespecting me.  

But he did the whole 20, so they HAD to let him out.  Well he gets out, goes to live with a pen pal, and I guess she disrespected him.  So he kills her, kidnaps the daughter, and there’s no telling what he did to her.  But who is at fault here?  Him for being an animal?  I mean, he is what he is, and he’d already shown he was a rapist in prison.

Or is it Texas’ Department of Correction’s fault (TDCJ), because they failed to file charges on him for those he raped in prison?  I mean there was at least three or more, and if no charges for the rape, why not aggravated assault?  But really, that is aggravated sexual assault, and that is serious time.  They could have charged him for the first one, then STACKED it.  Meaning he would have to complete the first sentence on the first rape, before he could even start time on the second rape.  Same thing with the third rape…and the fourth rape…we are talking 20 years for each rape case, or more! 

He would have never gotten out of prison. And even if he would have, he would and SHOULD have been civilly confined. That means if you a deemed a threat to society, they can legally hold you in a place for the rest of your life, with others just like you. Predators.  So TDCJ dropped the ball TWICE, and as a result, a woman is dead.  So who all is at fault here?  PA yes…but shouldn’t TDCJ foot that blame as well?

But here is the thing about PA, as long as he is locked up the way he is, he’s a decent guy.  I know that sounds wild, but he is easy going, and if he sees you need help with commissary, he’ll be the first to offer you something.  But this is a dangerous man, and never should have been let out.  If I was the that young girl that got kidnapped, I would file a lawsuit against TDCJ for their failure to protect the public.  And mainly, her mom.  I mean, how many rapes must a man commit while in prison, before he is deemed too dangerous to be let out?  If you will rape another man, there is nothing you won’t rape.  Man, woman, or child.

So I think that girl should try and sue, if the time limit hasn’t run out.  You only have two years to file a lawsuit, but she could argue mental duress, that she just couldn’t cope with things after witnessing her own mother murdered, and then being kidnapped. I don’t know how old she is, or if he did anything else to that girl.  But if she was raped than that is even more mental duress she had to heal from before even thinking about filing a lawsuit.

This is just like a guy in my case, Edward Bangs.  Mike Giglio a reporter from the Houston Chronicle  said he wasn’t allowed to interview Bangs, because Bangs was assaultive to staff. (Article True Confessions? page 15) Well here is the thing… anytime you assault staff, that is AGGREVATED assault on a public servant.  But Bangs has no new charges filed on him, and so let’s say he gets out now and rapes someone. Or kills someone, or robs someone, or breaks into their house? 

Whose fault is it that he was let out and able to do this?  Bangs, for being the kind of person he is; a drug addict will do whatever he can to make money?  Or is TDCJ to blame for not filing more charges on him, so he wouldn’t be a threat to the general public?  If he were to stay in prison, he wouldn’t be robbing and stealing from people.  And if this guy in the dayroom would have been charged a few times with aggravated rape, then maybe that woman would still be alive today.