Rough Ride

Do you want to hear about how they transported me to my civil case hearing in Beaumont in a rough ride? (written on April 25, 2018 just after writing last blog)

On the chain

Well, first I go through all that strip search mess, then they had me dress out in a blue shirt and black pants. I haven’t worn any real clothes in 20 years. It felt nice even if they were not the best things to wear. Shirt was a little tight but the pants fit good. So after that, they take me to the ‘big boss’ chair, it is a chair that is a metal detector. I have to sit in it and then go to the back of it where there is a small kind of table build on the back of it. I have to put my chin on it and then turn my face to the left and right, making sure I ain’t hiding anything in my mouth.  They then put all the chains on me, which is why is called ‘going on the chain’. They put leg irons on me, attach it to a 4 – 5 foot long chain, then handcuff me and put a black box on the chain links of the handcuffs and then slide the 4 foot long chain on that and then use a pad lock to hold it all together. So yeah, I wasn’t going anywhere, couldn’t even fully lift my arms to my arms to my chest.


Safety in the van, bumping holes and smoke smell

They then load me in the van, that is a van that has been gutted, meaning they removed all the seats and built a two sided cage in the back of it and along each side  of the van runs a long metal seat that would hold five fully grown men on each side or a 6 th if they really wanted to pack to pack us in tight. They then lock this cage with a pad lock, slam the doors, shut and lock them. So, I am about secure as secure can get. The good thing about being on death row, if there is anything good about it, I am only transported with other DR inmates. So since I was going to court alone, I wasn’t with anyone else. There are three transport officers, each has a pistol and one has a 12 gauge shot gun at his feet, so if I was able to somehow manage to come out of all those locked chains and handcuffs and then leg irons, I would then have to get out of the cages and then out the back door that is also locked. And I admit, I ain’t as fast as I used to be, I am 48, so I slowed down just a tiny little bit … and that tiny little bit is all they would need to be waiting on me as I come out the back door and take off running down the street. They would then pull out the guns and fill me full of holes. But who knows, maybe I could out run those bullets! I used to be able to run really fast as a teenager, granted I was 75 – 90 pounds lighter …. But don’t know … I would like to try.

Then after they load me in and lock me in nice and tight, they start driving. Let me tell you something, the road on the INSIDE of this damn prison is full of DEEP holes and the driver is driving pretty fast and hitting every damn one of them, then slamming the brakes causing me to slide forward so the back of that van can be rough on the booty! Then we go to the back gate where they collect their weapens and crap and after the guard at the back gate runs a mirror under the van, checking the inside and come open the door and tells me: “Man, your eyes are icy blue!” I tell him it is due to the blue shirt I am wearing, they turn greenish when I wear green and grayish blue color in white. So he rechecks all the locks, tells me: ‘Have a good one” and before I can tell him: “Kiss my ass”, he slams the door. We then head out of the prison and hit the road. The instant that the driver hit the road two things happened. He steps on the gas peddle causing me to slam back towards the cage doors as I slide into it and the passenger driver lights up a smoke and is to his credit trying to keep the smoke out of the van (they aren’t suppose to smoke on TDCJ grounds or in any transport van or busses). And man, just the small amount of smoke that made its way back to me in the very back of the van… that mess stank! Even while is was such a tiny amount, so I had to smell this nasty mess as he lite up at least 5 smokes on the way there and about 5 on the way back. With every smoke he’d lit up, a small amount would make its way back to me. I got a little sick of it, so then after driving  what seemed a 100 mile per hour, the whole way there I feel every bump along the way, we make it to the court house. That is when they turn me over to the Marshalls. But the TDCJ guards never left my side.

I am then taken to a holding cell where the Marshall tells me he is going to pat me down. He yanks those pants up and hand searches me, tapping my balls a little to hard I thought. After sitting in a holding cell for about 30 minutes, still chained up, he shows up and takes me to court and sits me down in about the softest thing I have set my ass in 25 years! They have some nice soft chairs in federal court. I don’t recall tham them being that nice in my State court trial. So there I sat there for a good 30 minutes waiting on the judge to come out and I heard a loud tap on the wall and I thought to myself: “I bet that is the judge coming”. And sure enough as I am thinking this, the court officer yells: “All rise”, so I did. And then began what I already told about in the last blog. But man, that chair, that was easy on my sore ass. Riding on har steel in a van being slung this way and that way hitting what seemed like every bump and hole on the way there. That nice soft chair was really nice to sit in.

The way back…. I swear he must had been doing a 110 MPH! Seems the other side of the highway had even more holes and son of a gun, he took a different route back and these roads had more stop sings and turns and those fucking railroad tracks where hell on the ass! But I was sliding all over the place, smelling that nasty ass smoke from him smoking and it was really hot back there. The van had set out in the sun the whole time. So we arrive at the prison and if you have ever been here, you know there is a little guard booth out there where the guards check your car. So due to some big truck being at and in the back gate bull pen area, we had to wait. Two of the guards get out. The smoker says he is thinking about lightening up and I thought: “Man, he just finished one” and I was about going to tell him to close the damn door if he did, then they are talking and joking around with the guard at the booth. Since the door is open, I could hear them whisper. They were talking about me, telling the booth guard about the law suit I have brought against Tolly etc. And then I hear them say or rather one of them: “Yeah, he was questioning the warden and I know he is right about if they download it, it is in the hard drive, you can’t get rid of that. They could get it if they want”. Then they started talking about how DR guys file open records and get all these UoF video’s, that only DR inmates and / or their attorneys can get it  because everything related to DR is public record. And all video’s are public record if they are saved. (Dumbass didn’t know everything that happens in prison is public record and all video’s are public record if they are saved. Period). But with DR, it is a little different, any time there is UoF on one of use, they MUST save it and send to the TDCJ office of general counsel. I believe that is so later down the road that they can use against us by using it on anyone was to win a new punishment trial. That is the only logical explanation I can think of.

So since the damn truck is holding things up at the back gate  have to sit there in that hot ass van listening to these rednecks talk about inmates. How they would do this or that if they were on the ‘suit up team’…. That is those who are wearing body armor and helmets as well as gasmasks with 5 other sissies at their back to help them to do ‘this and that’ to an inmate. Cowards. Not all, but those like these chumps that were bragging at how they used to do things or how they would do things….cowards. I have grown. Because in my wilder years, not so many years ago, I would had been checking their asses telling them what I really think of them. How they are bunch of sissies and they can only let the ‘man’ in them come out when there are 5 others to help them after they have gassed the inmate etc. 5 Against one…. I think if they really want to test their manhood: step into a cell one by one or take the handcuffs off, but they won’t. Instead they will slam a handcuffed man to the ground in the blink of an eye and beat him bloody in a heartbeat without fear to get fired.  But I bite my tongue and then I hear one start telling the guards: “Here, look at this” and I hear another say: “Yeah, that’s him and that there is Tolly”. They were watching the video on my other website on their own personal phones. And one seemed to personally know Tolly. This unit is a revolving door. Guards quit and get fired here faster than at any other unit. But when I heard him say: “Yeah, that is Tolly and you can see him hitting him”, my ears perked up at that and I looked and could see them huddled around a phone. I couldn’t see the video myself but I knew it was the one with me…. I mean I heard him say ‘That’s Tolly and you can see him hitting him”. So they saw the video’s as well. I don’t think they are allowed to have their personal phones on them while on the job. There is a two way radio that allows them to dispatch. Also I believe TDCJ provide a phone… but it isn’t supposed to be used to look up things outside of work. But if it was his own personal phone, surely they aren’t supposed to use them to log on to anything related to me or any other here, unless they just happen to see it on the news or read it in a newspaper magazine or see a movie or documentary about that offender. Surely they are not allowed to google me or read and view anything on any of my sites. That is why TDCJ requires all staff who work for TDCJ in and compacity turn over their computer information to them, giving them access to see what they are doing on their own home computers. That is a true story. If they find out that you withheld anything they can fire you. They want to be able to ‘Snoop’ on their employees. How messed up is that? What is funny … well, at least to me is that I just got done hearing that very same guard tell the other that any and everything you do on your computer can be found and that I was right about it still being in the hard drive and it cannot be deleted. Well dumbass, that applies to your lap tops and phones as well. You need to read that affidavit by Special Agent Hale. I wonder if Burlason and any of the others, like Warden Jefferson, Tolly and anyone else has been to ‘visit’my site and watched the video’s and read anything I have written? If so: “Hi Guys! Love ya!!! And Burlason. Loved that long hair on you.” But I am sure they have better things to do and to worry about me.

Then I heard them start talking about a friend of mine, Clinton Young. So I keep on ease dropping and am just waiting for them to say one foul word about him. Well, this one guard seems to know him from when he worked here and talked about how Clint is here for the murder of someone else. That he has seen his documentary and believe him to be innocent ect. Even talked about law of parties teaching these other guards something. They had never heard of law of parties and they were getting into a pretty deep discussion about Clint and how it ain’t right for the killer not to be here instead of Clint. So I’m starting to think this one guy ain’t just some dumbass redneck but I feel he is still a coward then about that time. Someone radios in and tells us the back dock area is clear and we can come on down. So they load up in the van an I slide back to the cage, again like a dumbass forgetting to brace myself …. Then we head to the back gate.

As we are let into the Prison compound, we are back on that ‘road’ on the inside of the fence, hitting every damn pot hole again and he is going even faster because it is their time to go home, they  are already hitting overtime so they are in a hurry. I am being thrown this way and that way and slammed back down on my already sore booty. But, we FINALLY make it back to the 12 building. “Hell on earth, home sweet home”. They all jump out, let me out of my cage and I come out into the bright sun an I am blinded for a bit trying to walk with all those chains and cuffs on, sounding like a ghost with every movement and every step I take, those chains rattled.

So then they escort me to the hallway and then pace me in a booth, strip me out and take my free world clothing and there I stand in nothing but my shorts and socks and shoes cooling off from that hot ass ride. It is nice and cool in 12 building right now so it felt nice. I had so stay in there for about 30 minutes until the 12 building guards came and got me having me strip out once again. I didn’t even bother telling them I had already ben stripped. It would had done no good so why speak on it? Just go with it, right? I am then escorted to my cell and as soon as they take the cuffs of me, I drank two bottles of water because I hadn’t drank anything since the night before so I was pretty damn dry. Maybe that is why I had cotton mouth while trying to talk to the judge and witnesses. I then unpack some of my crap that I need to wash off that nasty smoke smell and pull out my old typewriter and start pounding out an Objection motion to the judge and hopefully explain to him why he should disregard those two witnesses and rule in my favor. We’ll see. I am sure I will hear something from him fairly soon.

I than wash off again. I could still smell that smoke, got ready for bed and I lay my tired self down and man, my ass is sore and my wrists are swollen red and rubbed raw from having those cuffs on all day. They are even sore right now. But I was bone tired and tried to sleep and could still smell that damn smoke. It was in my nose. I closed my eyes and once I did it was like my body all of a sudden felt like it was vibrating and I could still feel the motion of the long ride in the van. But it was like a real trip. When I closed my eyes I could see all the trees and cars or shapes of trees and cars zipping by in my mind. So, when I wasn’t busy bouncing all over the back of the van in that cage, I was looking out the rear window  as I was watching everything as I was passing it by. Just taking in sights I had never seen before. For this was all new roads to me. I would watch people driving, watch them talk on the phones and watch them text or read text, and see how they would drive, read, glance up, drive, read and glance up … one guy did that no less than 50 times that I saw and was still doing it when we passed us by. One was smoking, dropped her smoke and she came alive very fast, but she finished for it and got it popped that sucker right back in her mouth. So I was just watching any and everything. I then got up because I could not sleep even though I was completely wore out. So I stood up and it was a feeling if I was floating, up and down like the rising and falling of a wave. I guess that is from all those ups and downs along the road. When I did fall asleep, it was the sleep of the dead that took me down into a dark nothingness to where I can’t recall sleeping that hard in years.

So, now everything is back to normal. I am safely back in my own personal hell with the sounds of prison filling my ears, reminding again, I am here to stay. So that ends the adventure of the long bumpy ride an my day in court. It was a hell of a rough ride, that for sure. So now I am fixing to go to sleep. I leave you with a “good night” in the middle of the day.