Gossip girls

I am bit pissed off right now and it has to do with all the drama that a small handful of woman who visit guys here are causing us guys back here on the row. But I would like to take this time and personally direct this to one who has personally attacked me on a couple occasions. I don’t want to mention any names … Pat Heartwell-Harper. But sister I don’t know what the hell I have done to you, said to you or anything, I don’t even know you, I don’t want to know you, you are about the messiest woman I have ever heard about. But you ain’t the only one. But I got no beef with them, it is YOU, who call me a racist to guys back here, just where the hell you get off calling me a racist is beyond me, I am in no hate groups, I am not a gang member, I get along with everyone that wants to get along with me. You insult me, by calling me a racist. You call yourself a ‘activist’ but yet, you do things that go beyond the pale, you took something from my website and had it sent in to your “man” so he could pass it around and start trouble. What the hell is wrong with you lady? You’ve done something that could had got someone hurt. Instead of writing me and sharing your personal thoughts about something I wrote that didn’t set well with you, and try and speak reasonably to me about it, you send it in and have your “man” send it to someone. Causing nothing but a bunch of drama, drama I, and anyone else back here can do without. You have no clue as to what could had happened. You could had someone hurt, stabbed or even killed. But in your dislike for me, for reasons I can not understand has caused you to zero in on me for some reason.

Look, I am not into this drama crap you seem to thrive on and believe me, I know all about you Mrs. Harper. I have heard and personally read the things you have done and said about others. Care for me to list them for you? I don’t mind because sister, I think you need a reality check. I just read a 6 page handwritten letter where you have the nerve to talk about all the people that talk about you, how they do nothing but Gossip about you because they are “haters” and are not real political activist. Things you spoke of about your “friends” or rather your ex friends, those who took the time to drive you up here to make you copies of paper work you needed, those who spend their hard earned money on you to help you. The moment you don’t like something they say or do you start talking about them as if they were nothing more than shit.

In this 6 page letter, you talked about nothing but how people gossip how these women who come see us and help us are nothing more that fools, because they visit more than one inmate, or all they do is nothing but gossip and how us guys here ‘sell ourselves’ for 25 dollar worth of food. That is a hell of a thing to say coming from the likes of you. I have to say, in all my years here, I have never witnessed guys turn on one another as they have since YOU came in to the picture. Where the hell did you come from? I mean I didn’t hear about you until a few years ago and it has been full of nothing but drama. You will turn on a “friend” in a blink of an eye. Your last letter to me was you telling me to “watch out for my neighbors because they aren’t what they appear to be”. Once I read those words from you about two guys who did nothing but speak highly of you, I realized you are the main reason why there is a lot of petty ass drama back here. Is it that I didn’t respond back to you on that, that I didn’t feed into that crap that you choose to attack me now?

But let’s get back to your gossip. I just read a letter where you said: “Thankfully you keep copies of every letter you have ever written to us guys and from us” Good for you, that means you can go back a read the word you…your filthy words about a woman who did you nothing but good. You call “her husband weak, said her house smells like cat shit that her husband cleans up and that her husband wipes her ass for her … literally” Those are your words about a woman you called a friend but then turn on. Why in the world would you tell anyone back here that, about someone who was your friend? I do believe that is the very definition of gossiping. You have no shame. Then you start ranting about “the women who gossip about me allowed stone’s filthy words to go on the face book page of the prison show after I told them how filthy the words were/are”. First off, my name isn’t Stone, don’t call me Stone. if you don’t know my name, keep it out of your mouth. But that is me you are referring to. Look you diggy dumbass, I am my own man, i can write all the filthy words I want to write, I don’t care what you think or what any of you think about what I write. Some agree, some disagree. But here you are once again, bringing up something I wrote, even after I know your ‘man’ told you, me and this cat have patched things up.

You still want to try and throw fuel to the fire and then you gossip someone about the woman who gossip about you. Mrs. Harper I know a great deal about your sorry ways that I could had cared less about and ignored until you took it upon yourself to start shit in my life and attack me personally. Still trying to figure out what it was I did to set you mean ass off. Oh wait, is that it? You are just mean? 

I have read letters and emails from other guys that you wrote, and one your actions could had resulted in a man being executed. But of course that isn’t your fault. This man was your “best friend” at one point. Why is it everyone you come into contact with has a bad taste in their mouth after meeting you? You attack people because they don’t share the same beliefs as you. That is pretty shallow don’t you think? Or you turn on them because they don’t want to march to your beat? Look, your beat is too loud and ugly. Nobody likes it, hell I read an email from some woman in another state. I forgot her name but it started with a “L”. So let’s call her Mrs.L.. Mrs.L. called it as she saw it, you are nothing but a shit starter. She has never met anyone like you in all her years of fighting for guys on DR, and it is a shame that You and those like you do nothing but cause us guys back here all this unwanted drama. She said it all better than that …. but she was right on the money describing YOU.

There is a reason that Mrs. Harper is disliked all over the world. I mean I know of people in Germany who can’t stand you, France, Switzerland, the U.K, The Netherlands, and I am sure in many other countries … Oh and New Zealand, and I am willing to bet in every state in the U.S.A, and a bunch right here in TX. I can list 10 people right off the top of my head here in beautiful TX who can’t stand your ass. I visited one on one day and she couldn’t even get comfortable during the visit because you were out there. You Mrs. Harper are a despised woman. But in your fucked up twisted mind you are not the blame. Right? You are, you gotta be, can’t that many people be wrong about you. I recall a story this guy told me about the run in you had with his friend, where out of the blue, you attacked her. Maybe you will recall these words she said to you so you know whom I speak of. “Fuck you wanker” …. yeah, you know whom that is and that is where a newly freed man and his attorney were and the day they decided to cut ALL ties with you. But even that didn’t open your eyes. You then try and create drama back here by wanting to send in a book where everyone will know, someone snitched.

You then tell your “man” about some guy back here writing the DA about someone’s case. What is wrong with you? You and your ‘man”, you two think this is a game back here? You two think it is funny to spread things around like that? You did that with intent! Intent to harm. You are something else woman, you found you someone who will play your silly game with you. You found you a real “man”. You are a joke Pat Heartwell-Harper. You know you are a joke.

You talk about these women who have a deep and meaningful friendship with guys back here, those who have fallen in love with guys back here, those who care for us guys, those who do what they can to make our lives a bit easier as if they are the dumbest bitches around. But look at you, you have fallen “in love” with a “man”. You come up here and buy him 25 dollar worth of food, you come up here and gossip with every stupid ass clown that will listen to you. You do the very things you accuse others of doing. You Mrs. Harper are like many of these ‘can’t see past themselves’ guys, where they talk down about the very actions they themselves act on. But it is okay for you to buy something for your “man” right? But it is not okay for another to buy and help others? What a joke.

But here is something you don’t take in to account. Many only want a one on one friendship with the person they visit. They don’t care to write others as you and a few others do.(Not that there is anything wrong with that.) But the problem comes into play where you and the others start talking, gossiping. That shit needs to stop. You need to stop, you are the Gossip Queen of DR. You want to know everyone’s business back here … why?

I’m open about me. Just ask me, you ain’t gotta go to your gossiping ass “man” to find out about Charles Douglas Raby TDCJ ID #999109, born March 12,1970. I will tell you anything you wish to know about me. I’ll tell you how I have punched clowns in the mouth at Ellis for talking out of line. I will tell you how those same kind of guys are lucky there is a 10.000 dollar steel door between me and them, I would tell you how I would knock the gold out of their mouth and keep it and sell it. So just ask. But don’t ask me about anyone else back here, don’t ask me about guys wives, friends or family. Don’t ask me about any bodies personal life. Ask them. And stop, please stop talking about guys back here, please stop sending in things off other guys websites. Like you did with me and Thomas Witiker. I heard about that too. You do these things with intent to start fires while there is no need to, we are already burning, don’t add to it. Let me or Thomas worry about us and what we say, you worry about you and your “man”.

I just got a letter from some lady that I really believe is the one that could help me with something, very smart woman and that is what I need, but she even mentioned the drama … But once again, it isn’t anything from back here, it is the drama caused by the woman out there. And if I was a betting man…which I am … I would bet you are one of the woman she is mentioning. But if not.. .don’t you think it is sad that your name is the first name that pops up in my mind… in damn near everyone’s mind back here when they think of the woman out there and drama? I bet I could share that very small part of her letter with some people I don’t even know and ask them: “whom do you think she is talking about?” I’d bet my left nut they say you. I won’t bet the right one, that is my favorite one … but yeah, why do you think your name pops up each and every time? Take a BIG step back Mrs. Harper, and think on that. It is hard for one to look within themselves believe me, I know. I have done it, I do it all the time and it ain’t easy to sit in judgement on yourself and actions. But it is ..for me, healing. It allows me to fix that flawed part of me.. . but you know the part I will never truly be able to fix? And that is because I don’t want to. The part of me that will make a fist and bust a “man” in the mouth for starting mess where there don’t need to be any. I can’t lie to MYSELF, and when I am truthful with me…I have to admit I like the bad wolf in me, but I control it far better now. But rest assure, your “man” is safe. But if you keep poking at me, I am going to get mean while I don’t want to get mean. So I am telling you, since asking don’t seem to work, LEAVE ME ALONE!!! Think of me as dead to you. If you had the evidence to free me, stick it up your ass.

Oh I also know about how you had your “mans” kinfolk threaten someone, you are something else Mrs. Harper, man just gets released from TX prison and you in your vindictiveness have him make a terroristic threat. Something that could had got him right back into prison, all because this woman … let’s call her Mrs. M. cut you off or whatever … but at one point this was your friend. You have a meanness in you that is something else. I’m mean too, but I am a very different kind of mean. I don’t back bite people who do me no harm. I don’t punch people in the mouth who don’t talk about me or try get me hurt. I don’t turn on those who don’t try and harm those I love and care about. You? All they have to do is disagree with you.

There is more, lots more I know about the wonderful ways of Mrs. Harper. But they are too many to list. But you know of them. Sit your mean ass down and try sitting in the dark, total darkness and look within yourself, you will be amazed at how brightly the flaws and ugliness shine, almost blinding. But look at them and then go and apologize to all your friends you have disrespected by talking about their personal lives to guys back here, thank them (one, more so than others … we’ll call her “None ya Biz”) and let them know you wronged them. Gossiped about them to guys here when you shouldn’t had. You betrayed them.

I don’t like you, I don’t dislike you. I damn sure don’t hate you but you have caused me enough headache to make me want to tell your ass a few things. But mostly I want to say to you, stop with the gossip shit, and Please stop thinking you know me, I am no racist. I ain’t ashamed to be white, with mixed blood in me. I am a white Indian who wants nothing more than for you and your “man” do not mention my name.

Now for all you other messy ass woman… stop it. Talk about your cats dogs, kids, house, space, Trump … there you go, talk about Mr. Perfect, King Trump. Talk about your boyfriends, husbands, sex, drug and rock‘n roll or talk about your hemorrhoids. Just stop talking about things that have nothing to do with you. Gossip is ugly, very ugly. It is hurtful and mean and can turn someone mean enough to hurt somebody and they want even see it coming. There is one woman in particular this is not directed at. For I have heard nothing but good things about, we’ll call her Mrs. Linda. She looks out for the guy I call Knock-Knock, and that is all I need to know about her. I like Knock -knock.

Us guys here have enough crap to cause us drama, case drama, family drama, life’s drama, we don’t need it from you out there. But please stop gossiping about me. I don’t know you and I don’t want to know you. GO AWAY. There is an old Hank Williams song. “If you mind your own business then you won’t be minding mine”. There is another song “Rumors” I forgot who sings it, some black cat. But yeah both those songs speak truth.

And Done.


Well, not quite…I recalled a picture perfect example of what a real man should do when you and others start gossiping about things that have absolutely nothing to do with you. You visited this guy I admire for how he handled you, well call him Mr. Black Cat, Black dude, Black guy, Black man … needless to say he is black. But one day on your very first visit with him and not even 10 minutes in, you started gossiping about the guy next to y’all. How you didn’t like him ect. ect. After you went and bought Mr. Black Cat something to eat and came back, he told you and rightly so, he ain’t into all that gossiping crap and thanked you for the food and told you to leave and ended the visit. Now THAT was the right way to deal with you Mrs. Harper. But even that didn’t open your eye. What will it take? I am open to suggestions. I can offer a few of my own, and one is to just stop it.

You also said that everyone is hating on you because of your newfound relationship. Mrs. Harper, do you really think I or anyone else cares about you that much, to ‘hate’ on you for finding love? Sister I do not care that you are out there in the visiting room sucking on a snickers bar for your “man” having a good time. Suck on! More power to you sister! I am happy for you. I mean that. Get it where you can, it seems to be a rare thing in the world today. I have far more pressing things to think of and hate on than you and your newfound love. So don’t worry about what others aren’t saying or thinking, but instead be happy about what makes you feel good and loved. Although, I do have to ask … what makes you feel your “love” is so different than any of the others here? What makes your relationship so much more special and real than these other women who love and care for their man? After all, you have been known to talk down about that kind of thing. There is a book called Death Row Dollies, in Dutch where you seem to mock the very woman who you have become. So what is it that makes the Harpers love story so different? It is no different, that is just some more of that you can’t look past yourself thinking you are known for. But in the end, love feels good doesn’t it? Love is a beautiful thing right? Even if it is with a Death Row offender right? Enjoy it as others do. Be happy and know if it  makes you happy, maybe, just maybe they are just as much happy if not more so than you. I mean after all, there are some who have been in some pretty long relationships. Be happy for them as I am SURE many are for you. Or is it you thought so little of these women thinking they are fools for so long that you think they are thinking of you that way? They are not.

I don’t trust you, however just know that does mean I ain’t happy for you. However I do have a warning for those who in the future may come into contact with you. You cannot be trusted to not talk about their business. You know that is a truthful statement and I know It. You just not seem to stop yourself, and they don’t even have to make you mad to talk about them and that is where they should be very careful of you. I know too many damn things I shouldn’t know and it all came from you. Find your off switch Mrs. Harper. You’ll find it by looking within. So to all those who may in the future reach out to you, if you do not want to be gossip, tell Mrs. Harper none of your business. Deal with her at your own risk but rest assured you will leave her with a bad taste in your mouth.

Okay, NOW I am done.



am done.