Brother Buck

The U.S. Court ordered a new sentencing hearing for a good friend of mine, Duane Buck (Brother Buck). The expert witness, Psychologist Walter Quijano, who testified in Bro Bucks case, told the jury that due to the color of Buck’s skin, he would be more prone to violence. This is the same idiot who testified in my trial, calling me a psychopath. That’s a little harsh…I know I’m half crazy, and don’t take mess from no one, but I ain’t a psychopath. I have feelings. I love. I care.

So my friend Buck has won a new sentencing hearing, and I want to say something about him. First I don’t go around calling anyone “brother” unless I mean it. There is just something about Buck…in all my years of being locked up, I can honestly say I have come across many who use the bible to hide behind. As soon as guys get in trouble, the first thing they do is run to the bible to make it seem as if they’ve changed. But in truth, some use it for protection; to hide behind so they don’ t get beat up on. Some are serious, while others are just full of it.

However, with Brother Buck…I have never in all my years of being locked up, met a man (convict) who I feel is more serious and sincere about his beliefs, and is a truly changed man. There is nothing fake about Buck’s belief in his Faith. Buck deserves a new punishment hearing, and now he has gotten one. I think it would be a shame if the new District Attorney Kim Ogg, were to actually retry him and seek death on him. That would be a sad day. Buck has never had a disciplinary case, in all the time that he has been here. He is one of the guys in here, that goes out of his way to help people. He made a mistake, he regrets his choice, and Buck is a changed man. He is one of the few I can say that about.

But I think DA Ogg will offer him a life sentence. After all, she just allowed a real monster to sign up for a life sentence: Randolph Greer. This clown is everything Buck isn’t, and I personally have nothing good to say about him, whatsoever! Here we have a man who raped 1-5 different women, and killed 2, all at different times. He also has a long disciplinary history in here, and yet Kim Ogg gave him a deal for life. See article at:
That speaks volumes of DA Ogg! If she could give this wild animal life, surely she will allow Brother Buck to sign on for life too. And it’d save all that heartache and pain for both families, from having to relive that ordeal again. I hope she allows Buck the same opportunity. I think she will, and I would be shocked if she didn’t! But that leads me to speak of something else…

For Monster Greer, along with several others here, the DA said nothing short of death is what these guys deserved. They said they would be a threat to the general public, as well as the general population in prison, for both inmates and guards alike. But in each of these cases, they were given a new punishment trial, and before it was actually time to go to that trial – a deal was struck! A deal that allowed these same guys who deserve nothing short of death, and incapable of rehabilitation, to get life.

So what changed? That is the question. And this isn’t just DA Ogg giving out life sentences, the past DA’s before her, have also allowed guys who were first sentenced to death, to sign for life. The only thing that has changed, is the outlook and support of the death penalty. If you will give them life now–why not then? These are still the same guys who were first sentenced to death for their crimes, but now all of a sudden they are worthy of a life sentence? They should have been given life years ago, and this just shows me that the death penalty is worthless – and very expensive to taxpayers!

My point is, they should have never been sentenced to death. They (WE) all should have been given life. I mean, this clown Monster Greer is a perfect example of someone who was out of control. A poster child for what many feel the death penalty is designed for. And now that he has life, then he should also be the poster child for how even the ‘worst of the worst’, can still get off on a life sentence.

It’s a total waste of time, and raw emotions, to seek the death penalty, and then years later change your mind. Not to mention a waste of MILLIONS of tax payer’s dollars! I am glad these guys get life. And although I have my own personal thoughts about the death penalty, I truly hope that brother Buck gets life. I think he would do some good out there, and if anyone deserves it, it is Brother Duane Buck. I wish him all the best, he is a good man who just made a bad mistake once.

It is time they just did away with the death penalty, and give everyone here life. They can never make parole if they get life, even those that are eligible, and that is due to Kenneth McDuff. He is a guy who was sentenced to death, but beat it when the U.S. Courts abolished the death penalty years ago. He made parole, ended up killing again, and got re-sentenced to death after they reinstated the death penalty, and has since been executed. Texas said, never again!

I recall reading an article where then Texas Governor Anne Richards said, anyone who gets off Death Row by receiving life will NEVER get out. So it doesn’t matter that Monster Greer could be 103 years old when up for parole, he will still never get out. Parole is a privilege, not a right. They can even hold you for life under the old laws. Like me… if I got life, I wouldn’t see a parole board for 35 years, but that is just to be able to see them…not that I would make parole! They would just give me one set off after another, and I would die in here. Just as all those who have life now, be it under the old laws or new, life without parole means they are not getting out of prison. So why not just give us all life?

I hope DA Kim Ogg gives Brother Buck life. Good luck, my friend!