My first hate mail


I  received a wonderful little short note from Alex Vega. I gotta say, in all the years I have been locked up… this is my first piece of hate mail. I got a good laugh at it. Keep em coming!

White trash trailer park indian wanna be? Man that are some pretty colorful words, I have a big smile on my face right now, even laughing out loud. Man you made my day, I mean that. I was just laying  there in bed bored out of my skull and this came.

Parents brother and sister. Good one. I think this clown has something against short people and little people. He calls them midgets.

Charles ‘Rabies’, man I cannot tell you the memories you caused to flood through my mind with that one. That was my first fight ever. I recall it perfect, Coop Elamentary, this guy name Mike got mad at me because his little Mexican girlfriend, a real cutie name Silvia, started liking me. And walking home one day, I walk down Silvia’s street not knowing it was Mike’s street as well and he rides up on his bike circuling me saying Charles got rabies, Charles got rabies. So I went at him and he took off … Next day at school, …. this was the first grade, my second time in first grade, at recess, he does it again, this time with everyone around. So I walk up to him and punch him right in the jaw. ….He almost started crying, that was my first time I ever got in a fight. Well it wasn’t much of a fight… I guess I went ‘mad dog’ on him …. the ‘rabies’ in me scared him. But yeah, I have been in a few fights due to some clown poking fun at my name. I mean the way up to right before I got sentenced to death …. I beat that guy ass too.

But thank you for jarring my memory and sending me down memory lane. Silvia, what a beautiful black haired beauty. I haven’t thought of her…. Man I don’t even know how long. Thank you, that lead me to think about Lisa. And her cousin Stormy …. Yeah I had two girlfriends at once, cousins. Just puppy love. Stormy, what a beautiful name. Not as beautiful as Amber Louise, but right close.

Yeah, my last name got me in many fights. That’s why I used to call myself by my Mamma name, Perteet. Charles Perteet.

And since Sherry Green and I had already been kissing…I wasn’t shy at all when these girls wanted a little kiss. I was a kissing fool. Thanks for the memories man.

But I can tell, you are what I call ‘What a man – what a man’. A what a man is hot air, a warrior of petty words. No back bone. Weak. Alex Vega.

Now I will admit…it did run me a tad bit hot to read what he said about my kid. That is the kind of thing that would have me picking up your teeth off the ground and putting them in my pocket. But yeah, I got a kick out of this with my friends and readers… even what a man Alex Vega.

I think this is what they call an internet ‘troll’, I have heard of his kind before. Lonely people who are filled with self hate that are miserable that want to down talk others to make them feel miserable along with them. Miserey loves company is that old saying says.

Instead of wasting his money sending hate mail, he should save it, go buy himself a macho man gold necklace, maybe get a girlfriend …. or boyfriend if that is his thing. With all the buttfucking and dicksucking he talks of, I’m leaning toward he is into men.

It is mind blowing how this clown’s childisch words opened the doors in my mind thinking about those times long ago. I can close my eyes and walk right to Silvia’s, Lisa’s and Stormy’s house. And thinking about Lisa lead me to think of all the Lisa’s I  knew. My aunt CJ introduced me to Lisa Seaboalt. Tallest chick I ever kissed. Another Lisa who was a friend at New Horizons Ranch … so yeah, thank you. That lead to my Indian sweety Nacey Twohattchet, to on and on and on, to Buckwheat the horse I rode, that had never been ridden before, and let me tell you what a ride. Lasted about 3 seconds.

We had his head tie up high in a tree, so he couldn’t buck me off, but when I climbed up on him he kinda sat down and as he did 2000 pounds of pure horse pulled back on that old….very old cheap cotton halter and it went ‘snap’ and once he realized it broke, he stands up …. Everyone is shocked, and before I could get off, we are at a full speed run in 4 strides and old Pete Miles yelled “jump!!!”, so I fly off and Buckwheat kept on going.

Later Pete told me walk him around, calm him down, and then lead him in the middle on the small pond on the ranch. I do …. standing there in the water thinking …. ‘What the hell is he have me to do this for? ‘  He then tells me from a good safe distance away on dry land: “A horse can’t buck or rare up in water, so go on and get on him.”  Well, Pete is an ol’cowboy, he knows his stuff about horses. So I get on, and that lasted about 2.5 seconds. I go flying off land in the water and Buckwheat running away … took me three days to get him to come back to me. Ol’Pete said he only ‘heard’ that a horse won’t buck or rare up in water. He learned that day they do and can and will. And fast too.

So yeah Alex Vega, thank you for the key to unlock my mind, who would had thought it would take you a real What a man, unlocking it by calling me Charles ‘Rabies’. Oh yeah, this is where they called me Chuck …. hate the name Chuck … good thing you didn’t call me Chuck Rabies … I might have gotten pissed off then. Or Charlie …. Charlie is my sisters name.

Take care of yourself Alex. When I finaly grown up, I wanna be a What a man just like you.

Yours very very very truly, hugs and kisses,

Charles Rabies.