Blog 3 – Who suffers after lethal injection?

They have been talking about the Death Penalty a lot these last weeks. Texas and Arkansas have been in the news. It is due to the drug.

Frankly, I appreciate everything those fighting against the DP are doing … but man, it is kinda scary to think that once they stop all the drug makers from supplying the drugs, they could go back to the chair! I mean after all, TX used to have the chair. That would NOT be good.

Hell, firing squad, gas chamber or hanging. And that is what they are going to switch to, one or the other. I say leave it alone and if I have to be murdered then do it with something that will just put me to sleep. Man, the thought of the chair is not a pleasant one. Know what I mean? Or hanging, or getting shot. The gas is not so bad I guess, it just puts you to sleep. But still … I know they mean well but man, I think I would kill myself before I allowed them to shoot me or strap me to the chair. I ‘ve been shot … and people don’t always die from getting shot, even getting shot several times, unless it is to the head.

There is no telling what they will do. But you know what gets me? I hear these DA’s talk or these people call in and say: “Who cares if they suffer.”

But I don’t ever hear anyone ask the question … would you want your son or daughter to suffer if they were to be executed? Or would you want your son or daughter to be one of the innocents executed to get to 100% guilty? Or anything along those lines … I think … man they just passed up a chance to put them in their place. I mean for anyone to know they child is going to be executed for a murder to say: “Oh I don’t care if he or she suffers” … That is one heartless parent and one who I say is lying through their teeth. No parent would want their child to suffer, even knowing they did wrong and the law has spoken and they will be executed.

So why don’t they turn the table on them? Then let them defend that retarded response every time someone ask them about it, right? I am sure many would say: ‘Well my child would never do anything like that.’ But you know something? Every parent who has a child here on Death Row said the same thing, or would had said the same thing if they were asked this very question years before their child was sentenced to death.

None thought their sons and daughters would become drug addicts, or drug dealers, or out late at night robbing people or selling their bodies. Or that their kids would run away … but they did, it happens. So no one can use that as an excuse: ‘Oh my child would never do something like that.’ Millionaires rape and murder people, sell and do drugs, one can never know what is really going on in their child’s mind.

Or how about that Texas Law of Parties. They are hanging with their friends and their friends unknowing to them robs and kills someone. They were there, but didn’t have a clue as to what was about to happen. Would parents then say: ‘Well, he was with them, so yeah ho deserves to die, and if he has to suffer for 2-30 minutes before he dies … so be it’. Oh and let that ‘friend’ blame it on their child. They KNOW their child didn’t kill anyone, but yet he or she ends up on Death Row … well they say: ‘Fry him? Make him suffer? Who cares if he suffers?’

No, I don’t think there is a one who is out there talking about how much they support the DP or it doesn’t matter if they suffer, would do this to happen to their child, brother, sister, mom or dad. If you do? I don’t even have the words to come up with to describe the kind of person that would make you. Heartless? emotionless? Selfish? DNA who gets off on the misery of others? I don’t know.

So yeah, I always listen to these shows and never hear anyone ask: ‘Would you feel the same if it was your loved one about to face death and suffer? Face death and suffer yet innocent?’

They said over 100 men and woman have been released from Death Row after being wrongfully convicted…they said that is every 1 out of 10. That is shocking. And this is mostly, due to DNA testing … think about all the ones who couldn’t prove their innocence through DNA because it wasn’t around back then? Or those who just don’t have DNA in their case.

1 in 10 cases have been found innocent. That’s just released from Death Row. Pretty scary thought.