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Pruett was a guy I knew, I wouldn’t say we were ‘friends’, but we knew one another.  I think this was his third execution date, but his second, for sure.  Hell they actually took him all the way over to the Walls Unit one time, where executions are carried out, […]

Robert Pruett

There’s a dude in the dayroom, they call him PA.  This fool did 20 years flat…didn’t even try and make parole.  He could have gotten out in like 3 years, but he chose to do the whole 20.  Guess he was having too much fun, and I’m sure some of […]

Stacked Time

31 May, 2017 by Charles D. Raby  I have been listening to the news for many years now, and I have heard many people who are in support of the Death Penalty.  They always have something to say about their views on it.  And during the last few days leading […]

Something Never Mentioned

31 May, 2017 by Charles D. Raby Max Sofar was one of my best friends here on the row; no one could make me laugh like Max! He was a nut…but in a good, goofball way. I’m writing about Max because I recently heard from a wonderful and dear friend […]

The Jew

The U.S. Court ordered a new sentencing hearing for a good friend of mine, Duane Buck (Brother Buck). The expert witness, Psychologist Walter Quijano, who testified in Bro Bucks case, told the jury that due to the color of Buck’s skin, he would be more prone to violence. This is […]

Brother Buck

  I  received a wonderful little short note from Alex Vega. I gotta say, in all the years I have been locked up… this is my first piece of hate mail. I got a good laugh at it. Keep em coming! White trash trailer park indian wanna be? Man that […]

My first hate mail The police crime laboratory in Houston, already reeling from a scandal that has led to retesting of evidence in 360 cases, now faces a much larger crisis that could involve many thousands of cases over 25 years. * 1 Charles: Here they still, even in 2004, lacked basic knowledge […]

Article – Police crime laboratory Houston